Welcome in Unipharma

At Unipharma we aim to provide the most comprehensive product coverage and services of the highest quality to our customers. It is you, pharmaceutical companies, our suppliers and partners, who help us enormously to become a stable and respectable company which the customers can always rely upon.

It is essential that we have continued support from our partners, and thus keeping our partners’ loyalty is our ultimate goal. In order to improve the quality of our mutual cooperation, we are introducing a comprehensive range of services focused on sales promotion and product advertising  which you can enjoy through the pharmaceutical distribution infrastructure of UNIPHARMA


UNIPHARMA was established by RNDr. Tomislav Jurik, CSc. in 1992 with the vision to create a commercial pharmaceutical distribution company with the participation of pharmacy owners in Slovakia. The company was initially run from rented premises in the village of Koš (1992-1995) near Prievidza.

Since the very beginning as a rather small company, Unipharma succeeded in meeting pharmacies’ daily orders and excelled against competitors which managed to deliver goods only at longer intervals.

The quality of assortments and services, flexibility and distribution speed have always been the company’s qualities. As the company expands its businesses, Unipharma moved to Prievidza (1994-1999) and eventually, in 1999, to its own administrative and distribution centre in Bojnice. The company was distributing goods also from rented premises – in Bratislava from 1995 to 2002 and in Prešov from 1995 to 2004. Subsequently, the branch offices moved to owned premises: the new branch in Bratislava opened in 2002 and two years later in 2004 in Prešov. 1995 was a turning point in the company’s history. It was the year when the company became a nationwide distributor and was able to fullfil the vision established since Unipharma’s inception – allowing Slovak pharmacists to engage in the pharmaceutical distribution processes.  The best way to achieve this was to transform the company into a public limited corporation and offer pharmacists, who are also Unipharma’s clients, its shares. The pharmacists eventually comprised the majority share ownership in the company that has become their trustful partner and a key player of the pharmacy industry in Slovakia.


The principal activity of our business is drug distribution to all pharmacies and health care institutions nationwide, shipped from our modern commercial and distribution centres in Bojnice, Bratislava and Prešov and from a logistics centre in Nové Zámky by our staffs working in a three-shift system.


The Strategy of UNIPHARMA, a professional large-scale distributor in cooperation with its pharmacist customers, is to secure the position of the leading drug distributor in Slovakia that is owned by solely Slovak shareholders, and to be the No.1 in every good pharmacy. It is our goal to establish a company with the broadest range of products on the Slovak market, to generate profits for its shareholders and to persevere in building a sustainable business in the long run

The Philosophy is defined by letting pharmacists engage in our business – operations of the pharmacies not only affect the prosperity of their own businesses, but also the prosperity of the distribution company, of which the pharmacists are shareholders.

The Mission of the company is to contribute to the the pharmaceutical industry in Slovakia through tireless dedication and to provide support to pharmacists in Slovakia.

The Vision of Unipharma is to create a  professional, sustainable business that will bring long-term prosperity to the customers, the shareholders, the company and all its employees.

The Principles of the company are represented by the five pillars of the company – Assortment, Service, Stability, Reliability and Seriousness.

The team from Core Business Division (Purchasing and Production department) are responsible for supplying the business and distribution centres with the widest range of products and balanced stocks. UNIPHARMA is also in charge of running a number of consignment and customs warehouses.

UNIPHARMA provides pharmacists and contractors first-class services, ensuring constant supplies of needed medicine to the final customers, the patients. The company is committed not only to guarantee its clients basic services, but also to offer more value-added services. Clients can take advantage of the complementary services of Pharmaeduca Travel Agency, as well as education and expert services of Uniacademy. We also organize various social and cultural events for colleagues and business representatives to interact and meet.

Unipharma is ranked among the most successful enterprises in Slovakia. The company’s stable position on the Slovak market is represented by continuos long-term positive financial results and the company’s special status in the field is widely recognised after the company has repeatedly appeared in the first places in prestigious lists of most successful businesses on the Slovak market.

One of the key objective of our business is to strengthen the trustworthy and transparent relationship with pharmacists and pharmaceutical companies. We always try to do our best to communicate with our partners to build trust and friendships.

Our professional qualification allows us to supply pharmacies with products that are required by their customers. The drug manufacturers can have full confidence in UNIPHARMA’s approved and respectable business conduct. We do our utmost in offering both the pharmacies and the pharmaceutical suppliers favourable business conditions to ensure long lasting cooperation.